Getting disconnected, or experiencing gameplay lag is one of the most irritating things a hardcore gamer would have faced. This not only ruins the gameplay experience, but would leave you at a serious disadvantage if you are playing a real-time competitive game. Here are some tips that can help with having a lag free gaming experience. 

 Free up bandwidth

The first and foremost thing you will have to do is make sure that the network bandwidth is not distributed amongst several other devices at a time. If for instance you are gaming on your video console and you have a PC which is currently downloading something off the internet, this could significantly increase the gameplay lag that you are experiencing. Other ways that you could improve the latency of your games is to create a private server which you can play in. Most companies that offer services such as server setup services HK will allow you to create one for a small fee. However, when looking for such a company, make sure they are well reputed and do promise good connection speeds.

 Choose the right internet connection

This is another crucial factor that you will need to take into consideration. Regardless of how fast the connection speed is, it does not always guarantee smooth gameplay. You will need to make sure that the connection is stable without having a fluctuation in connection. As a rule of them, you will want to avoid using mobile based connections such as HSPA connections or other broadband connections which use a mobile sim card. The best connections would be to use a wired connection such as fiber optics, which will offer a much smoother connection. If you are still experiencing a bit of lag, you could use an ethernet cable for the connection rather than using Wi-Fi.

 Internet lag vs PC lag

Another thing you will identify is if the lag is caused due to the internet connection itself or if your PC does not meet with the system requirements of the game. You can always do this by comparing the requirements with that of the specs of your computer. You could tweak the gameplay settings to meet with the requirements if they aren’t. If neither are the case then you might want to find out from your dedicated server provider as to whether the server they provide is suitable to host multiplayer games. They may change settings such as the port number or IP address which could have an impact in the gameplay.

 By following these tips, you should significantly improve the latency of your online gaming experience.