Constructing a building or even a house is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, time and strategic planning to complete a construction project. Firstly, designing process takes place in which rough sketch is made, architect plans a scheme and finally a 3D model is prepared. After that construction process begins, in which ground is broken, excavation is done, foundation is laid and then the project is executed according to the prepared 3D model. This process of construction is made easier and faster by estimating it on software before giving it a final shape. In this article we are going to learn about free excavation software and its significance in construction business.


Excavation is the process of unearthing, uncovering or digging the earth. This process of excavation is done before construction of a project begins. The process of excavation is done in building foundations, reservoirs and roads. The different methods of excavation include digging, dredging, trenching and side development. These methods require unique techniques, machines and tools to get the job done.


Software is the program installed in computers to process the computer according to embedded instructions. Basically, there are two kinds of software; system software and application software. System software runs the operating system and all other utilities that enable the computer to function. On the other hand, application software includes program that do actual work for users. Both of the software are inter-dependent upon one another to work efficiently. However, the software that is used for construction purposes is the software formed through a combination of coding, verification, unit testing, integration testing and debugging.

Free excavation software:

Now that we have understood the concepts of excavation and software individually, we are going to learn about excavation software. As the process of excavation is a job of large numbers, so there are chances of errors if done manually. Excavation software is made to help us out in estimating and calculating our project for construction purposes.

Bright box software’s company offers the free excavation software which works efficiently and rapidly. They provide mud shark earthwork estimating software which is easier, faster and accurate.

Significances of excavation software:

Excavation software helps in estimating the project faster and reduces the time that is spent in calculating earthworks. Moreover, it gives accurate results with precision and works efficiently. Other than that, this software is easier to use and faster in speed.


Process of construction is carried out in various steps and each one of them is equally important for the structure to be completed. However, one of the very first steps that are required for construction purposes is excavation. Excavation software is introduced to help us formulate and estimate the groundwork excavation. Bright box software’s company offers the best free excavation software. The mud shark software is easier to use and faster in speed. Besides that, they help in correctly estimating and calculating the project you want to build. Check this link to find out more details.